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"Starker and Kless made a friendly tuned duo of solists, dovetailing their dynamics and phrasing together expertly [...] and each player handled his cadenzas with easy virtuosity." 

(Chautauqua Daily, USA)



"Following Zuckerman and Ashkenazy, Kless succeeded in keeping the high reputation of Israeli violinists. His performance was outwardly without any effort, exceptionally natural and harmonious. Deep concentration of expression, warm tone and amazing freedom of a virtuoso gained the cordial acknowledgment from Moscow audience [...] They will long remember the velvety bow and irresistible attraction of his art."

(Literaturnaya Gaseta, Russia)



"The violin sound in Kless's hand was full of purity, with emotional involvement."

(St. Petersburgskaya Pravda, Russia)


"Yair Kless is a brilliant violinist."

(Volksblatt, Austria)


"He is a master of trills, double-stops and is impressive in any aspect."

(Salzburger Nachrichten, Austria)

"The Lucidity of texture and meticulous details were outstanding."

(The Canberra Times, Australia)


"To hear Y. Kless is a pure delight. Technically and musically he seems to tend in the direction of Heifetz."

(Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany)



"The bravura always served to express the emotional content [...] A tone rich in substance, brilliant and inspired."

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany)


"Y. Kless played into the heart of the audience who will long remember his musicality and technical perfection."

(Rheinische Post, Germany)


"The soloist, Yair Kless from Israel, is an excellent artist from all points of view."

(Helsingin Sanomat, Finland)


"Kless's interpretations were sparkingly clear and fresh, with great psychological skill, always extremely moving."

(Turun Sanomat, Finland)


"Kless remains unforgettable as an interpreter and a virtuoso. Not a single note was careless or dull."

(Kaleva, Finland)


"Technically, Kless is at ease in Bach or Sarasate, but the interest of his performance is in his beautiful sound, vibrato, phrasing and style."

(La Dernier Heure, Belgium)


"Kless showed his great musicality and fascinating technique."

(Utrechts Niewsblat, Holland)


"Admirable in luminosity and richness of sound, impeccable in virtuosity. Kless has the technique of V. Prihoda and the musical depth of Szigeti."

(To Vima, Greece)


"Kless showed himself a great violinist - intelligent, thoughtful of every detail, very warm and intense. The quick passages were performed in perfect intonation, and the singing parts sounded heavenly, as if from another world."

(Ha'aretz, Israel)


"Beautiful, rich and even tone, well-controlled bowing, and an attitude of integrity." 

(The Jerusalem Post, Israel)


"Y. Kless plays with enthusiasm, imagination and technical perfection."

(Ma'ariv, Israel)



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